Super Bomberman R Version 1.4 Released

Posted on by Ryan


Konami have released the version 1.4 update for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch. This new update makes changes such as adding more characters and VS stages.

You can view the patch notes down below..



  • Three new characters are now available in the shop. (Vic Viper Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, and Pyramid Head Bomber.)
  • Four new VS stages are now available in the shop. (Conveyor Belt Classic, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, and Desert Fort.)
  • Two new series of accessories are now available in the shop. (Item and Snowflake series.)
  • Other than Battle Royale, the Team Battle is now available as a Battle Rule. In this mode, the team with the last survivor wins the match.
  • There are now more ways to win Gems and more Gems available. (Previously Gems could only be earned in the League Battle, but now all VS modes provide Gems.)
  • Adjusted the movement speed of the Power Zone.
  • Other small bugs have been fixed.