Com2us have announced that their major update for Summoners War that will include Rift of Worlds will be released next month. The company have provided us with a small list of changes and additions which we’ve posted down below…

World Boss
Players can now battle against the World Boss, a massive giant, bigger and more powerful than the giants found in the Cairos Dungeon. Each player can use 20 monsters to attack the Boss. Players will be ranked based on damage dealt and treasure boxes will be rewarded accordingly.

Raid Boss
The release of the long-awaited Rift of Worlds will introduce a three-headed Raid Boss. Teams of three players can be formed to combat the Boss together in real time; each player attacking one of the heads. This new feature allows players to share leader skills and harmful effects and ban together to create strategic battle formations.

New Rune Features
A new Rune Enchantment feature allows players to amplify or convert properties of existing Runes by acquiring special gems and grindstones featured in the new boss content.

New Skins for Monsters
New skins will be released for several popular monsters, including Vampire, Valkyrja, and Pixie. Skins will be available for all elements of each character.

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Com2us have also opened a preregistration event where users can sign-up to received in-game items including a Mystical Scroll and Angelmons