Story Of The Star Fragment Announced For Playstation VR

Posted on by Ryan


Mediascape and ForgeVision have announced a new adventure game for Playstation VR titled Story of the Star Fragment.

You can view an overview of the game provided by Mediascape down below..

■ Story

A girl, left behind on the fragment of a star. She cannot escape the broken star , which lost its power, nor be perceived by others. However, only at the point where the coordinate axes of the world overlap is an “interference” from another world possible. The player, positioned at this singularity, dives into this world and becomes mutually perceptible to the girl by wearing “a device able to peek into other worlds (VR system).” Together, the player and the girl will join forces to solve a mystery, and by restoring the star to what it was and regaining power, attempt to escape.

■ Game Flow

The player cannot touch objects in the parallel world, nor can they talk to the girl. A system used “Focus Lock” is used to resolve this “discommunication.” First, when you look at an object you want the girl to interact with, it will be marked with a red border. From there, by making eye contact with the girl, she can carry it for the player, press switches, and take various other actions depending on the object. By repeating this cycle of Focus Locks and the girl taking action, you’ll be able to solve the mystery while trying to communicate with the girl.

Story of the Star Fragment will release in Japan in Spring 2017.