Steam To Start Support For New Currencies

Posted on by Ryan

With the ever growing markets that are seeing an increase in PC Gaming and the easy access of Steam Machines, it shouldn’t be a surprising that many different currencies would have to be added to Steam.

Starting November 3, four new currencies will be accepted on Steam ahead of schedule. This is according to a screenshot from a closed Steam developers group. These include the  Hong King Dollar, Indian Rupee, Taiwan Dollar and Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Other currencies that will be accepted in November and later include Swiss Franc, South Korean Won, South African Rand, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Saudi Arabian Riyal and United Arab Emirates Dirham.


This is especially great news in India as they will be able to receive games for much cheaper. However, India has a very high piracy rate and it’s believed that these changes will be effected negatively since the games will also be region locked.