Steam Spy Shows 2016 Saw More Game Releases, But Not Spending

Posted on by Ryan


Sergey Galyonkin has published an end-of-year analysis of Steam based around his popular analytic platform Steam Spy. Galkyonkin reported that there was a large increase of games released on Steam possibly due to the rise of Indie Games. The report shows that 5,245 games were released on Steam last year.

Galyonkin does note that there might be some errors as Steam does not release its numbers to the game studios that release their games on their platform. Saying..

“The margin of error on this particular number is quite high. I used three different methods to estimate the revenue and ended up with numbers ranging from $3.3B to $3.6B.”

Of course while gamers spent $3.5 billion on paid Steam games, it didn’t exactly see an increase in overall spending. The market has seen a slow increase in Steam adoption in both Europe in North America.