Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3 Prototype Footage Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


There will also be this mystique about games that were ultimately cancelled since most of us will never be able to see it, much less play it. However, some times footage can be uploaded and archived to help preserve the history of video games and show us a glimpse of what might have been. One of these games just happens to be Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3.

A YouTuber who goes by GenreTypo uploaded some old prototype footage of the game. The game never got out of the prototype phase of development, but luckily we can now see what could have been. It’s believed this footage could have been from the very beginning of the game as it is showing us some of the moves we would have been able to do. GenreTypo did not reveal where or how he obtained the footage.

You can view the prototype footage down below..