Source: Overwatch League Teams Not Allowed To Sell Their Own Merchandise

Posted on by Ryan


With the popularity of the Overwatch League and its legion of fans, it’s a surprise that the only way to purchase officially licensed merchandise for your favorite team is the Blizzard Store. With other Overwatch-related items sold in retailers such as Hot Topic and ThinkGeek, some have wondered if there is a reason for this.

Over the weekend, a source from within OpTic Gaming (owners of the Houston Outlaws) revealed to us that Blizzard themselves will not allow it. Our source stated..

“We’re not allowed to sell our own merchandise related to the Houston Outlaws. Only Blizzard are allowed to do so. We are still allowed to make our own t-shirts, but we can only give them away as promotional material. So even if we sold them for $1 each we could get in serious trouble. Other organizations like the NA LCS or CWL don’t really care, but Blizzard themselves take it very seriously.”