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Soulcalibur VI’s Theme Will Be “Reboot”

Soulcalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo, production producer Michinori Ozawa, and director Yoshiyuki Takahashi sat down for an interview for the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu. During the interview, they noted the theme for the game is “Reboot” by going back and looking at how users played the game in previous installments, teased guest characters, and noted that the game is 70% complete.

You can view the full highlights of the interview down below..


  • Development was decided from the fact that it is the series’ 20th anniversary and there are still no 3D weapon-based fighting games on current generation hardware.
  • The keyword is “reboot.” We reviewed previous entries, and looked back on how users played and received each game.
  • We want players to know the world of the original Soulcalibur by solidly depicting its story once again. Part of that is the hope that not only current players, but also those who played in the past will return.
  • 1586, the era of Soulcalibur, is an era of many unfinished tales.
  • New characters will appear. These will be important characters who have significant involvement in the story and such.
  • (Will there be guest characters?) “Please look forward to it!”
  • The basics parts of the battle system, which utilize vertical slashes, horizontal slashes, and running to fight, have not changed.
  • Movement speed and operability are being tuned to emphasize comfort so that anyone can play.
  • The most significant evolution is the introduction of the “Reveresal Edge” system, which is an attack that integrates offense and defense to defend against almost all techniques with a single button, regardless of whether they are high, middle, or low. By mastering this, even beginners can can read the moves of advanced players.
  • The game will emphasize how you can enjoy the fun of sword fighting with a single button. They are also fixating on production.
  • Critical Edges are also being prepared. While their command inputs were difficult in Soulcalibur V, they can be activated with a single button in Soulcalibur VI.
  • There is a system called “Soul Charge,” which is paired with the Critical Edge system. You can power-up for a certain time by expending the gauge. Soul Charge-exclusive techniques are also being prepared.
  • A “Lethal Hit” system is being prepared for advanced players. By landing specific techniques with certain conditions fulfilled, you can perform powerful combos depicted through special production and slow motion. By doing this you can destroy your opponent’s equipment.
  • If Mitsurugi’s lower body equipment is destroyed, he will essentially only be wearing a loincloth. If Sophitia’s hair accessories are destroyed, her hairdo will change.
  • Guard Impacts can be used without depleting the gauge.
  • We also want to offer a tutorial mode.
  • We feel that character creation is an attraction that cannot be removed from the series. We cannot say anymore, but please look forward to it.
  • Development is 70 percent complete.


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