Sony Teasing “A Few Surprises” For PSX 2015

Posted on by Ryan


Sony revealed some huge games and details last week at Paris Games Week and many have wondered if and how they plan on topping it at PSX next month. Well Playstation’s European head Jim Ryan says that the company still has a few surprises in store for everyone. Stating to Eurogamer…

“I’m sure there’ll be a few surprises for PlayStation Experience. Moving from a global calendar of three events to a calendar of four events, it keeps the heat on the developers to churn out new stuff, which is good.”

Jim Ryan also discussed the recently announced game Detroit and the idea of different games that aren’t typical in the gaming industry. Stating…

“It’s nice to have different sorts of stuff on the platform, and David brings that. I loved Heavy Rain – that’s my kind of game – and I think, as an industry, as development risk becomes greater, there’s a risk that we’re recycling low risk annual iterations. People like David bring a fresh and different approach. That’s great, and it’s important that stuff continues to happen and prosper.”