Sony E3 2016 Press Conference Wrap Up

Posted on by Dale


The Sony E3 Press Conference has finished up and we have the full list of announcements right here for you.

Sony opened up their press conference with a full orchestra to open up the Press Conference. The new God of War is based on Norse gods as suspected. The live orchestra was used well during the presentation of the new God of War game. The graphics look stunning with snow giving way to where you walk.

Up next Days Gone was shown, a post apocalyptic role playing game. Not much else was shown or discussed about it.

The last Guardian followed up Days Gone with a new trailer. 10/25/2016 Is the official release date finally.

Horizon: Zero Dawn quickly followed suit with a gameplay trailer. The game is very well done graphically and reminds me of a Far Cry game meets robots. No release date was given for this title.

Sony is rolling through with trailers. Next up is Detroit: Become Human. A futuristic detective game where each action you make changes the events of what will happen.

Resident Evil 7 is coming June 29th they showed a trailer.

Playstation VR is coming on October 13th for $399.99 with a few games that are below at launch.

Farpoint was the first game Sony showed that would be on their VR. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Mission is the next up. Batman Arkham VR after that and to finish it off they showed Final Fantasy XV VR Experience.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was shown off after the VR experiences. The release date is November 4th 2016. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was showcased next. The remastered graphics are very impressive.

Crash Bandicoot is up now. It is the classic Crash Bandicoot games being remastered for PS4 but he will be in Skylanders Imaginators first in October.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens is on the big screen now. It’s coming out on June 28th.

Hideo Kojima is on the stage to show off his new game from his own studio. Norman Reedus will be in this game as the main actor. Death Stranding looks stunning and very odd but interesting.

Insomniac Games is back working with Sony and Marvel for a new Spider-Man game. The only thing shown close to a title was #SpidermanPS4

To finish off the night for Sony they played a live gameplay of Days Gone. A very well done game graphically and an interesting story behind it.