SNK Playmore To Re-Focus On Video Games

Posted on by Ryan


SNK Playmore, the studio that has brought us classics such as Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, and King of Fighters, have announced they will stop making pachinko machines and will re-focus on video games.

The company has been making pachinko slot machines since 2004, but due to the decreasing demand of them, they will now shift their focus back on developing console and mobile games. The company recently partnered with Ledo Millennium to create games in the mobile sector as well as create anime, tv shows, and movies based around some of their IPs.

All SNK Playmore employees who have previously been working on pachinko machines are now being placed in different games divisions. The company will be focusing on King of Fighters XIV and is also believed to be working on projects based around the Samurai Spirits and Metal Slug franchises.