SNK 40th Anniversary Collection ‘Crystalis’ Trailer

Posted on by Ryan

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Crystalis

SNK and NIS America have released a new trailer for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. This video showcases their 1990 action RPG Crystalis.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection releases in North America on November 13 exclusively on Nintendo SWitch. You can view an overview of the game and the video down below:

Originally released in Japan as God Slayer: Haruka Tenku no Sonata, Crystalis was a game ahead of its time, sporting an elaborate story, advanced graphics, and high quality soundtrack. Today, that same cult classic returns on Nintendo Switch!

Awaken in a post-apocalyptic world, where the forbidden ways of science have been revived by the Draygonia Empire. Guided by the four wise sages and wielding the Sword of Wind, the protagonist must aid a fellow survivor named Mesia and combine the four elemental Swords of Wind, Fire, Water, and Thunder to create the legendary sword, Crystalis. Will he be able to stop the evil ambitions of Emperor Draygon in time to save the world?