Singularity Release CS:GO Roster

Posted on by Ryan


Singularity Esports have announced they have decided to part ways with their entire CS:GO roster. This means that Barbarr, Bendji, Rusty, Dumas, Sayf, Hugoxd, and Plopski are now free agents.

The team said in the statement:

”Today our time with Singularity has come to an end. We put in a lot of work and we were close to make it one step further on many occasions but sadly never made it. The last 6 months has been fun and a good learning experience for all of us. We thank Singularity for their trust and support in us during the good/bad times and the player swaps. Now it’s time to go our separate ways with them and for us as individuals as well since we decided that disbanding the team and go our separate ways would be the best decision and try our luck in other teams.”