Shox Leaves G2 Esports

Posted on by Ryan

After more than three years with the organization, G2 Esports have announced that Rifler Richard “shox” Papillon has left the organization.

Shox said the following regarding his time with the organization:

“It’s been almost four years already… a player’s career is made up of highs and lows,  indescribable joy and deep despair. In the nearly four years that I’ve spent with G2, I’ve experienced all these emotions. The road was never easy, the teammates I had along the way numerous, and I won’t forget any of them. I may not have always made the right decisions, not received the support I’d hoped for, but I’ve always been guided by the same principle – my love for this game and the vision I have for it. Thank you to everyone that has followed and believed in me, and even to those who didn’t, but followed me anyways. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to G2 for the trust they put in me for all these years and to the fans of the #G2ARMY for their support! Best of luck going forward!”