Sega Announces Wonder Gravity

Posted on by Ryan

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Sega and F4samurai have announced a new RPG for Android and iOS titled Wonder Gravity: Pino to Juuryoku Tsukai. The game will release in Japan some time next year as a free-to-play title with in-game microtransactions.

“Hugo the Gravity User” and “Neil of Pino” have their sights set on the bottom of the world. This is the story of the endless sky.

The setting is “Huitlast,” a world where people live in the vast sky, and where there are no continents or oceans.

In this world, the people co-exist with a race of small people born from the star “Pino,” and by eating the fruits possessed by Pino, humans can become “Gravity Users.”

One day, Hugo retrieved a journal headed towards the lower sky with a letter from his missing father that read, “I have made it to Endroll.”

“Endroll,” the bottom of the world, is said to possess an unknown power.

After setting off on his journey to Endroll, Hugo, whose father is on the international wanted list, encounters Neil of Pino, who wants to save his childhood friend, who has fallen ill to a mysterious illness, and becomes a Gravity User.

However, due to the journal’s log of a ship heading towards the lower sky obtained from his father, Hugo is targeted by a world-ruling secret organization known as the “World Organization,” as well as other Gravity Users.

In order for Hugo to find his father, and for Neil to save his childhood friend, they will set their sights on the unknown depths of the sky that is Endroll. The adventure to a sky that no one has seen has begun.