San Francisco Shock Considering “Sister Team”

Posted on by Ryan


In order to remain one of the best players in the world of eSports, you always need to be at the top of your game. This can be somewhat difficult if you spend a lot of time on the bench as a substitute player. This is something that the San Francisco Shock feel they are failing at.

San Francisco Shock coach Brad Rajani took to Reddit to say they feel as if they have failed their benched players and are considering creating a “sister team” so those players can stay at peak performance. Rajani said..


“We’re working on a plan to get both Iddqd and all of our other backups regular scrim time against strong opponents, both as a way for us to track their growth / judge their merit for the starting lineup, and also to, as you said, keep them in good form. Most likely this will take the shape of a sister-team, because playtime for the starting lineup is precious and limited.

This has been a point of failure for us that we do plan to correct, but it takes resources and time to build out.”