SAG-AFTRA Reach Deal On Video Game Strike

Posted on by Ryan


After what feels like a century, SAG-AFTRA have reached an agreement with 11 video game companies and have ended their strike against them.

This will see a new bonus structure that will provide additional payment to voice actors. These payments will be due no later than the game’s release and is based on the number of sessions worked on each game, beginning with a $75 payment on the first session and totaling $2,100 after 10 sessions worked.

The agreement does not include several proposals sought by management. This includes a provision that would have fined performers for being late or distracted at session, would have required agents to submit performers for low-paying “atmospheric voice” sessions or face fines, and a possible revocation of their union franchise. Another that would have allowed employers to use their permanent staff to do covered work outside of the collective bargaining agreement.

This contract will be reviewed during their October meeting.