Russian Overwatch Player Tonic Denied U.S. Visa

Posted on by Ryan


Update: Nomy from NRG Esports to replace Tonic for upcoming game.


Ahead of the Overwatch Contenders’ season one playoffs, Denis “Tonic” Rulyov of the Russian Overwatch team 123 has been reportedly denied a U.S. visa.

Tonic traveled to Ukraine to apply for a United States visa, but said on a tweet that his visa was denied.

This has even led Overwatch caster Andrew “ZP” Rush to go on reddit to state..

“Wow. One of 123’s undervalued strengths throughout contenders has been Tonic’s game sense and presence of mind to make successful engages and disengages that many other Winston’s might die attempting. Definitely a blow to 123 if there’s no way for him to get into the country.”

With 123 scheduled to play Team Gigantti on Oct. 7, it’s unknown if Tonic will receive a visa in time of the event.