Rumor: Uncharted 4 Limited Edition PS4 Has High Failure Rate

Posted on by Ryan


Uncharted 4 has received lots of praise for just how well it was, but that doesn’t mean that everything with the Uncharted name attached to it has.

There are rumored that the recently released Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Playstation 4 console is experiencing a very high failure rate. As of publishing, the game might have a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Amazon, but 18% of them are 1 star reviews. Many are reporting they are experiencing issues with a faulty hard drive as well as the system randomly shutting off. Below are some of the reviews on Amazon…

“Was very excited to get my own ps4, waited the whole day it was supposed to arrive so it didn’t get stolen (shoddy neighborhood) then after using it for about one hour it shut down, and won’t start back up. I saw other users had this issue and I must say this is terrible, Sony should be ashamed they sent such a shody batch out, will update when I get a replacement.” -Amazon Customer

“This was a beautiful console, however, I believe Sony made a bad batch of these. Mine consistently powers off on its own. The first time I turned it on, it shut off by itself about 15 minutes later. I just received this yesterday and bought a bunch of games. Now I am forced to return it as I am tired of having to do a hard reset every time I try to turn it on and actually play with it. Very disappointed. I will buy another bundle once I get my refund.” -Ashley H

“I had this blue version for 2 days, bought from Walmart (I don’t like buying systems online to make returns easier). From the initial hookup I knew something was wrong, as the blue light would come on and then turn off immediately. The only way I could power up the system up was to unplug it and make it do a hard drive check. After a day of working, I had more problems with the system starting up, forcing me to try safe mode. The system remained stuck in safe mode after that even after hours of trying to get out of it. Returned it and went with the black ops bundle. I think Sony made a bad batch of systems based on the comments here.” -R. Kane