Rumor: PS4 Neo To Cost $450

Posted on by Ryan


As we reported earlier, a Foxxconn employee has posted a sketch of what appears to be the Playstation 4 Neo. Now it seems the user is back and has posted more information about the upcoming console. The big note is that it will cost around 3,000 staff which equals out to $450.

The updated information included the following….

Factory code as follows:
C: Original PS4
D: PS4Slim

PS4NEO is three, similar to the sandwich.

Old price of 3,000 staff speaks

1: button is located below the middle layer rather than above, its reading off key and key buttons is a cross-linked together.
2: breathing lights moved to the position below the middle layer, and the key merger.
3: USB interface has only two, in the lowermost layer.
4: its reading in the middle of the first layer and the second layer.
5: Rear power socket and a conventional power socket PS4 is completely different (to several times).
6: White
7: weighing 4.5 kg.