Rumor: Microsoft Considered Acquiring PUBG Corp., EA, and Valve

Posted on by Ryan


According to “A reliable source close to Microsoft” at Polygon, Microsoft are looking to make a huge impact in the gaming software division by acquiring Electronic Arts, PUBG Corp., and Valve.\

SuperDataResearch analyst Joost Van Dreunen even chimed in on this rumor mill by saying that here something from Microsoft soon. Van Dreunen stated..

“Because of where we are in the lifecycle of all these things, I’m expecting to hear Microsoft announce something very, very shortly”.

While some consider this to be crazy, Microsoft have thrown money at companies in the past. Back in 2008, Microsoft acquired the rights to Halo from Bungie and in 2014 bought Minecraft developers Mojang for $2.4 billion.

We are still classifying this as a rumor due to the use of anonymous sources.