Rumor: Fortnite Coming To Switch, Announcement Planned For E3

Posted on by Ryan


According to LeakyPandy, Epic Games will be bringing their wildly popular Battle Royale game Fortnite to the Nintendo Switch with an official announcement planned for E3 2018. LeakyPands wrote:

“The majority of the most interesting information about this is actually about Save the World. Nothing seems to point to Battle Royale being all that different on Switch. That goes for Cross-Play will be there too.

“Save the World, on the other hand, apparently got Nintendo’s interest. One of our most trusted sources pointed to us that this game’s version local Switch-to-Switch Save the World. Exclusive Nintendo IP related content is also being worked on exclusively for Save the World.

“It was suggested that there were marketing plans regarding using the duality of Fortnite to align it with the duality of the Switch itself, picturing Battle Royale as the docked experience and Save the World as the on the go side of things. Makes sense, but the info itself is shaky. Caution.

“This is all for now. [It] is not too much compared to what we have been told, but it is the most coherent and reasonable. If new verifiable stuff comes forth we will let you know.”

While this is still a rumor, LeakyPandy did accurately leaked the Nintendo Direct presentation in March before it was officially announced.