Rumor: EA To Announce Star Wars: Republic Commando Sequel At E3

Posted on by Ryan


According to user Alpha_Cukie on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit page, EA is currently working on a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando titled Star Wars: Imperial Commando.

The leaker posted this picture above that features a countdown clock with the clock set to go to 0 during E3 2016. The picture even has a #EA_E32016 hashtag.

Alpha_Cukie also revealed all the following information..

  • Release will be November 2017.
  • It will be released for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and PC.
  • No surprise: The engine will be FrostBite. SW:IC will use FrostBite 4.
  • Main focus will be on the campaign, but it will have an multiplayer. CoD like (small maps, fast paced, etc)
  • The biggest feature: Coop! SW:IC will deliver the best experience when played by 4 players!
  • Each player has unique gadgets and features. The leader (RC-1138) can give orders to the others.
  • The HUD and the helmet-view will even be more important than in Republic Commando.
  • There will be vehicles, only in some few parts of the game (Halo-like).
  • Environment will mostly be destructible and take effect on the world (Shoot some glass in space= everything will get soaked out)
  • Since its mostly an storydriven game, it will have a f*ckin huge campaign and a lot of planets of the universe (+20hours).
  • There will be an app, that can be used as second screen (like the fallout 4 pippoy) for gadgets/weapons/radar…..

Keep in mind this is still classified as a RUMOR and nothing has been confirmed at this time.