Rumor: Disney Threatens To Revoke Star Wars Exclusivity Deal With EA

Posted on by Ryan


According to an anonymous source for mp1st, Disney had a discussion with Electronic Arts over the backlash Star Wars Battlefront II has received due to it being considered “gambling.”

Their source claims that both companies agreed that the microtransactions model will be adjusted in hopes of preventing even more backlash. Disney were also reportedly “unhappy” with how long the company decided to take action against the situation, with the company even going as far as to say that it could harm the Star Wars IP. It’s also said that if things don’t approve, Disney will revoke their exclusivity rights with EA. It’s said that the higher-ups within Disney received some backlash with the exclusivity rights were given, but now that EA hasn’t had any positive publicity lately that could all change.

Please keep in mind we are classifying this as a rumor due to the use of anonymous sources.