Rumor: Blizzard Has Not Started Payout Process For Overwatch Contenders Season 1

Posted on by Ryan

Shawn ‘Rusto’ Bischoff, the team manager for the Overwatch team Bermuda, has taken to Twitter to claim that the payout process for Overwatch Contenders Season 1 has still not started despite Season 2 starting next week.

Rusto also claimed that Blizzard recycled the rulebook from Season 1 2018 and stopped providing rule books and waivers after Season 2 2018 ended. Even former head coach of Second Generation Liam ‘Calyoon’ Murray also said that chimed in and said that the allegations for the rule books not being provided to teams and players are true. Since posting these allegations last night, Rusto said:

In regards to my last tweet, I do genuinely love Contenders. I’m just saying Blizzard’s methods are…….odd. We need to try to make it less…….odd.

At the time of publishing, Blizzard have not commented on the matter.