Rooster Teeth Gets Into Game Publishing

Posted on by Ryan


Rooster Teeth, the company that brought us Red vs Blue, have announced today they will be getting into the game publishing business with the creation of Rooster Teeth Games. The company just developed and published RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and will also be publishing a game developed by Invisible Collective titled Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars in Spring 2017.

Michael Hadwin, Director, Rooster Teeth Games, said in a Press Release..

“Rooster Teeth services the community of people who grew up on game consoles instead of cable boxes. With Rooster Teeth Games, we will bring a wide array of engaging and entertaining video games on all platforms to this community, and in turn introduce the indie developer to this thriving demographic.”

In addition, the company will also provide indie development partners with an end-to-end e-commerce merchandising and promotional solution. Hadwin added..

“We invite the aspiring, stellar, creative indie developers around the world to contact Rooster Teeth Games and pitch their best content and games to us.We are eager to share access to the vast potential audiences within the Rooster Teeth community, and to publish and deliver new and exciting content to gamers worldwide, starting with Battlesloths.”