Roger Craig Smith Replaces Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Dialogue

Posted on by Ryan

Many fans were disappointed to find out that Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor of Ezio in the Assassin’s Creed series, would not be reprising his role in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.


Roger Craig Smith decided to something about it and recorded the dialogue himself and posted it online. Smith released this statement…

“These lines were recorded without the astute direction of Amanda Wyatt (my voice director on the AC games), as well as without the assistance of Ida Darvish and Peter Arpesella (my dialect coaches on the AC games) – all without whom the character of Ezio would not exist.”

“If I’ve butchered the accent or botched the performance for these lines – that’s all on me! Many thanks to Ubisoft and to the fans for your support of this epic gaming franchise. Insieme per la Vittoria! [We stand together!]”When somebody asked Roger why he didn’t reprise his role in the game he said it was because he was never asked.