Rockstar Says 3rd Party Programs Don’t Cause Bans

Posted on by Ryan


With so many people having gotten banned from Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s no surprise that many have said that using 3rd party programs such as MSI Afterburner and Discord was the reason they got banned.

This has been said so many times that Rockstar Games has issued a statement stating that these kind of programs are whitelisted to prevent banning innocent players. Stating..

“We meticulously test many common 3rd party programs to ensure that their use does not cause players to receive an unjustified suspension or ban. These include visual overlays/FPS displays like Afterburner and audio chat programs like Discord and TeamSpeak, among many others. As long as the programs being used do not violate our Terms of Service and/or End User License Agreement, they will not cause a ban in GTA Online.”