Riposte Games Partner With Furnace Games

Posted on by Ryan

Dallas-based game studio Furnace Games have partnered with Riposte Games & Co which will see Riposte act as a publisher for Furnace Games’ next two games. The first game in the partnership will be a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler titled Dungeon Stars.

Johan Eile, CEO of Riposte Games, said in a Press Release…


“We just upped the ante, dramatically. With this deal we have added Editors Choice quality talent to our power team. Dungeon Boss was a staple in the top grossing charts in 2016 and is still a very good game and to be able to collaborate with the talent behind something like that is obviously awesome. Besides creating Dungeon Boss and Castleville, the Furnace teams rapsheet spans 25 years and includes games like Mortal Kombat, Dark Age of Camelot, Stuntman, and Terminator.”


Jim Montgomery, CTO and Co-founder at Furnace Games, also stated..

“We have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Riposte team over the last couple of months and to tap into their cross platform expertise for our next games will be a major difference maker. This type of partnership allows us to focus on the creative innovation and push the boundaries of the next generation experiences.”