Rewrite: Ignis Memoria Announced

Posted on by Ryan


VisualArts have officially announced Rewrite: Ignis Memoria is in development for Android and iOS and will release in Japan this Winter.

You can view an overview of the game and the announcement trailer down below..


  • Original stories not depicted in the previous titlesRewrite: Ignis Memoria features more than 50 original stories set in a “what if?” world not depicted in the original game or TV anime. Voice actors like Kana Hanazawa and Chiwa Saito will voice over newly recorded scenes.
  • Create items and furniture in Kotori’s atelier – Create items using the material you’ve gathered. There may also be furniture you can make only during event periods.
  • Create your own club room – Place furniture and change the wallpaper in your very own Occult Club club room.
  • Tactical battles – Participate in tactical battles bustling with cute, SD characters. Using “Ignis,” which is required to trigger skills, is the key to victory. Discover your very own battle style.
  • Charming illustrations – All of the skill cards are special-illustrated. By equipping a five-star skill card, which has the highest rarity, the SD character’s costume will change in battle.
  • Music – Liven up the battle with gem theme songs by way of Shinji Orito, who has worked on various hit numbers, and anime song singer Maon Kurosaki.