Resident Evil To Become A Stage Play

Posted on by Ryan

Capcom announced today that the Biohazard series, better known as Resident Evil in the West, will be getting it’s own stage play this year in Japan. The stage play will be named Biohazard: The Stage and will take place at the EX Theater Roppingi in Tokyo this October.


Inside Games translated this summary…

“The stage is set in a western Australia university, where a bioterrorism incident occurs. A couple of anti-bioterrorism members from BSAA in Chris and Piers show up to investigate, and they’ll work with former S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca, who is currently working as a professor at the university.

A mysterious young man named Tyler Howard also shows up, but no one knows anything about him; however what he also seems to know the shocking truth behind the incident.


With the rapidly spreading virus and zombies approaching, will they be able to solve the case on time?”