Report: Twitch Prime Bots Reselling Fortnite Skins, Streamers Asking Questions

Posted on by Ryan


A forum on Reddit surfaced a couple of days ago indicating that many Twitch streamers have started receiving random subscribers via Twitch Prime. While subscribers aren’t new, many of these have several numbers at the end of their names and have no kind of activity in these streams. This has led to many believing these are bots using stolen information to sell Twitch and Amazon accounts in order for people to receive the exclusive Fortnite Twitch Prime legendary skin.

One of the first streamers to take notice was Shorty who revealed they had received 200 subscribers in a 30 minute period. Shorty believed these to be bots after finding that many of them didn’t talk or appear in the channel viewer list. Even World of Warcraft streamer Alan “Hotted” Widmann commented that he has received over 100 offline subs. Both of these streamers have reported the issue to Twitch.


Many believe this could very well be the case with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who passed the 100,000 subscriber mark yesterday with over 50,000 of them coming within the past 7 days. With so many of these going to him, some have believed he might be involved in some way but that has not been confirmed by any stretch. Ninja has also yet to comment on the matter.