Report: Treyarch Forcing Players To Download Black Ops 3 DLC

Posted on by Ryan


Treyarch, the studio who develops the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, has announced the way they deliver DLC to players of Black Ops 3. Tbe developers are now going to be releasing the DLC in with major patches rather than allowing players to receive the DLC via Xbox Marketplace or Playstation Store.

This new change will be implemented on February 2 and will automatically download the files for the Awakening through this patch. It’s rumored that the size of the patch (including the DLC) will be 9.1GB.

In short, you will be paying for access to the files already stored on your gaming platform rather than just additional content downloads. The best way to compare it is like having locked content on the physical disk and having to pay to unlock the content that is already on the disk. Rather than it being on the disk itself, it is already pre-installed on your hard drive via patches.