Report: Gamerz Winners To Not Receive Promised Contracts, Have Not Received 100,000 SEK Winnings

Posted on by Ryan


According to French esports site Flickshot, the winners of the Swedish esports reality show Gamerz have yet to receive their prizes for winning the program. The prizes for winning were six-month professional esports contracts, but those who won never received them. On top of that, the players were also promised 100,000 SEK ($12,025) in the contracts, but the full amount has not been paid in full.

The winners were also reportedly required to sign a contract allowing Gamingzone Entertainment AB to 20 percent of the players’ tournament winnings for the next two years.

Gamingzone CEO Karl Mikael Cakste told Flickshot they “naively underestimated the challenges that is associated with running a professional team,” and were open to discussing the situation with the affected players.