Report: Fur Fun Developers Removing All Negative Criticism

Posted on by Ryan


Reports have started circulating that Fur Fun Developers, the makers of Kewpie-Jazzy, are causing massive controversy by removing negative reviews and issuing copyright strikes against YouTubers.

This comes after OtherEhm posted a video on YouTube showing that Kewpie-Jazzy were using sound files from Banjo-Kazooie and criticizing them for it. The files specifically in question are the Mad Monster Mansion theme and Kazooie voice clips.The information came from a member of The Killing Floor wiki.


OtherEhm later went on Twitter to note that they had received a copyright takedown notice on YouTube for pointing this information out.

Others have said they have left negative reviews of the game on Steam only to have them deleted by the company. Some of these include Rai_Say and Mildew.