Report: Coleco Considering Pulling License From Chameleon

Posted on by Ryan


Over the past couple of days we have been reporting on the recent issues with the Coleco Chameleon (previously the Retro VGS). A huge development relating to the Chameleon has surfaced as Coleco Holdings have issued a statement regarding the system.

The company has stated that Retro VGS is being asked to supply a working prototype within 7 days and will be inspected by a team of “independent engineers.” If these accusations that have popped up are indeed true, or they are not able to provide a working prototype, Coleco will pull its name and support from the system.

Below is the full statement from Coleco on the Colecovision Facebook Page…

“Chameleon Product: We are thankful to have a large group of passionate engineers and retro game enthusiasts who follow Coleco and other product lines. It has come to our attention that the community has certain concerns over the prototypes involving the Retro VGS model. The team at Retro remains confident that their product is developed to the extent as describe; HOWEVER, in order to confirm or debase these concerns, Coleco has demanded to inspect the prototype units within a seven day time frame. At which time, independent engineers will review their findings and determine if those units are up to our standards. We will report some or all of those findings to the community so as long as they do not interfere with proprietary information. We remain hopeful that the community’s concerns are merely speculations, but if there is merit to the concerns, then we have no choice but to abandon the project rather than release a sub-par product. During this time, we ask that the community allow us time to complete these inspections. Time extensions will only be granted if requested by the independent engineer. Time extensions and results will be posted here.”