Redditor Detects Tumor Thanks To Nintendo Switch

Posted on by Ryan


Redditor ChrisChalms posted on the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit he was able to detect an early tumor by playing on his Nintendo Switch.

Chris noticed feeling pain in his palm that extended through his index finger while playing Mario Kart. This came after the HD Rumble feature gave some small vibrations that caused the discomfort. Chris stated..

“I found that I wasn’t playing the Switch anymore because of this weird pain when the controller vibrated. I’m primarily a PC gamer, and use an Xbox One controller but never had any pains with that.”

A few months past he started experincing brusing on the area. After pain became unbearable, he decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment where they found a small tumor.

Chris has surgery planned for Monday and the doctor says there is less than a 5% chance the tumor is cancerous.