Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Posted on by Ryan

Rockstar Games have released patch 1.09 for their wildly popular Xbox One and Playstation 4 title Red Dead Redemption 2. This new update adds new features to Red Dead Online including the addition of new outfits, the Lemar Revolver, new story missions, and balancing just to name a few.

You can view the full 1.09 patch notes down below:

  • Lemat Revolver
  • New outfits and clothing (including a Poncho)
  • New Story Missions (Co-op and Free Roam)
  • Defensive and Offensive Options are now available
  • Poker (Public and Private games)
  • New Overrun Showdown mode
  • New Dynamic events
  • Balancing and Improvements