Record of Grancrest War Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Bandai Namco have announced a new tactical RPG for Playstation 4 titled Record of Grancrest War. The game will launch in Japan on June 14 for 8,200 yen. An 11,100 yen first-print limited edition including a copy of the game, special box, special content Blu-ray disc, soundtrack CD, and special booklet will also be available.

Confirmed playable characters confirmed are Theo Cornaro, Siluca Meletes, Irvin, Aishera, and Priscilla.

You can view an overview of the game and debut trailer down below….

Atlatan, a continent where Chaos dominates everything. Frightened by the disasters caused by the Chaos, the people live under the protection of “Lords” who possess “Crests,” the power to suppress those calamities.

However, the Lords eventually abandon the idea of “protection of the people,” and break into a war to fight for each other’s Crests and territory—. During that, a solitary mage named Siluca, who despises Lords without ideals, meets Theo, a a wandering knight on a training journey in order to free his hometown from tyrannical rule.

Through the high-handed tactics of Siluca, who is touched by Theo’s ideals, they sign a master and servant contract and aim to bring change to a continent thrown into war.