Ready At Dawn’s Graphics Dev Says Scorpio CPU Isn’t Amazing

Posted on by Ryan


Ready at Dawn’s Matt Pettineo has taken to NeoGAF after Microsoft unveiled the specs for Project Scorpio. Pettineo said that the big bottleneck of Scorpio is likely from the CPU and said that the CPU is ‘nice, but not amazing.’ Stating..

“Well let’s be clear, these changes aren’t in the same world as a Zen upgrade. It’s nice (and in fact basically required), but not huge or amazing. Let’s not buy into the spin so completely.”

When Pettineo was asked why he wasn’t impressed with CPU he said..
“Hardware additions to improve CPU performance aren’t rare (current gen systems already have them). It was never going to be just the CPUs on their own. But like I said, a definite improvement.”

“I’m not criticizing the CPU. It was the only logical choice for the system, and really the only option MS had was to upclock the Jag and put in some extras to help. There is nothing wrong with what they did. I just think the people acting like it’s a bigger improvement than it is are kinda silly.”
Finally Matt said that we shouldn’t expect a $399 price like the Playstation 4 Pro.