Razer Unveils Project Valerie

Posted on by Ryan


Who’s ready for some insane projects in the tech world? Well we got one right here by Razer as they have unveiled Project Valerie. Project Valerie is a gaming laptop based around the Razer Blade Pro that include 3 monitors built-in.

As if that isn’t crazy enough, all three monitors are all 17-inch 4K with Nvidia’s G-Sync anti-screen tearing technology enabled which will allow a resolution up to 11520 x 2160 with Nvidia’s Surround View. The monitors also deploy automatically and lock into place. The specs of the laptop include 32GB of DDR4 RAM, a GTX 1080, a mechanical keyboard, and Razer’s vapor-changing cooling solution.

Of course this is still a project and is a few years away from distribution.