R. Mika’s Default Outfit Deemed Too Sexy By ESPN At EVO 2016

Posted on by Ryan


As some might have been aware of, the Top 8  of Street Fighter V during Evo 2016 was aired live on ESPN2. While we don’t know the ratings for the event, we do know that ESPN had an issue with Rainbow Mika’s default costume.

After the first match, Street Fighter V finalist Fudoo was asked to change R. Miku’s costume as ESPN deemed to too sexy for TV. This was confirmed by Ryan Harvey who worked as the Japanese interpreter. Harvey tweeted..

“Fun fact: Fuudo was required to use the “Story 1″ costume after his first match because the default was deemed too revealing by ESPN.”

 “@oh_it_rin I was the Japanese interpreter for SFV and had to explain it to Fuudo.”