Qurare: Magic Library Coming To North America

Posted on by Ryan


IO Studio have announced they are bringing their card battle RPG Qurare: Magic Library to North America. You can sign up for early access on  the game’s official website.

Below is an overview of the game as well as the trailer…


Feat your eyes on a rich variety of dazzling card illustrations in Qurare: Magic Library! In this next-gen card battle RPG, you will find yourself immersed in the vast sea of stories that span multiple dimensions, enjoy exciting adventure with charming librarians, and tons of cool Kodices.

Main Story

The Library of Babel held all known information in the world. One day, it exploded for reasons unknown. The Kodices stored in it were scattered throughout the dimensions. Three librarians have gathered in Qurare: Magic Library to rebuild the Library of Babel. And they need your help. Qurare: Magic Library is a unique card battle RPG that will blow your mind!