Punch Club Pirated Over 1.6 Million times

Posted on by Ryan


Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild have had lots of success with their game Punch Club. The game has currently sold over 330,000 copies worldwide since its release last year, but according to new stats, it could’ve sold a lot more.

According to data collected by Alex Nichiporchik of tinyBuild, the game has been pirated over 1.6 million times worldwide. Punch Club and been pirated  514,000 times on mobile, and a whopping 1,137,000 times on PC, Linux, and Mac.

Nichiporchik released this short statement on the issue..

“While it’s difficult to fight piracy — and most DRM-enforced ways are horrible for the paying customers — it’s hard to deny it has an impact. Looking back I believe what we should’ve done is enabled cross-platform saves on launch. This way people who pirate the PC version may have converted better into buyers on mobile or vice-versa.”