Prism Seekers Announced

Posted on by Ryan

Biga Forti Games have announced they are developing a new co-op puzzle game for Playstation 4 and PC titled Prism Seekers. You will play as two warriors whose goal is to return the color back to the world.

You can view a brief overview of the game and the announcement trailer down below:

Prism Seekers is a 2D Coop Puzzle-Platform with a side view. Join forces with a friend and face the challenges and puzzles you have ahead of you. The planet is without color, lifeless and walking to oblivion and the only hope that does not happen, is to search and find the mythical prims scattered throughout the world, and with them, give color to the world again. There are two kingdoms, Luxar (Kingdom of Light) and Unbrat (Kingdom of Shadow), both live in peace but fail to endure life on the planet without the prisms. To find the prims, they appoint a warrior with no fear to seek them. Each character has distinctive abilities, and it will be necessary to use and combine all these skills to progress in the game. The better the communication and understanding between players, the easier the resolution of challenges will be.