Pressure Point Action System Introduced In Hokuto Ga Gotoku

Posted on by Ryan

Hokuto ga Gotoku

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed that the upcoming Fist of the North Star game, Hokuto ga Gotoku, released information regarding the new Pressure Point Action System.

You can view the highlights down below…

  • “Just Pressure Point” is a technique that takes advantage of pressure points to deal great damage by pressing the Circle button with good timing. The remarks uttered by dying enemies can be possessed as weapons or become items.
  • “Abeshi Collection” is an element that lets you collect the remarks uttered by dying enemies.
  • “Burst” is a technique that significantly strengthens Kenshiro and can be triggered by building up the gauge charged each time you defeat an enemy.
  • “Destiny Gems” can be inserted into the status board to activate corresponding abilities.
  • “Yadoyado Talismans” can be equipped to strengthen Kenshiro’s abilities and learn new techniques. When activated, cut-ins drawn by the illustrator of the manga will appear on the screen. By acquiring Raoh’s talisman, Kenshiro can use his “Tensho Honretsu” technique.