Pokemon Silver Prototype Surfaces

Posted on by Ryan


A Pokémon Silver Gameboy Color prototype has surfaced on eBay. The seller goes by luckyshop26 and notes the prototype is in German and was obtained from Nintendo’s headquarters in Germany before it was shut down.

When people asked if there were any differences between this prototype build and the full copy, luckyshop26 noted..

“The main differences is that the map does not show the names of cities and the gym leaders are not displayed. Also I was not able to find a way to the city with the first gym leader, being blocked by gatekeepers. While it MIGHT BE possible I was not able to complete all the tasks to remove them,I think they are there to keep gameplay short for review purposes. This game does accept most USA gameshark codes so you can surf to Pokémon league but I did not get that far due to lack of time.I was able to teach waterfall to totodile to get father and faced some trainers but did not get any father than that.  When I have time, possibly I will try to get to the safari zone.”

The current asking price is $1,800