Playstation 5 Still Releasing This Holiday Season

Posted on by Ryan

Many have speculated that we could see the next generation of video game consoles delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak effective the world. However, Sony have stated in their outlook for this fiscal year that it will still be releasing this holiday season.

Their statement reads as follows:

Current View Regarding the Impact on the Business from the Spread of COVID-19

Although there has been a slight impact on production of PS4 hardware due to issues in the component supply chain, demand in the short-term is being addressed with current inventory and sales are trending well. Sales of game software that is downloaded from the network, as well as PS Plus and PlayStation Now (PS Now) subscriber numbers have significantly increased.

Regarding the launch of PlayStation 5, although factors such as employees working from home and restrictions on international travel have presented some challenges in regards to part of the testing process and the qualification of production lines, development is progressing with the launch of the console scheduled for the 2020 holiday season. At this point in time major problems have not arisen in the game software development pipeline for Sony’s own first-party studios or its partners’ studios.