Playable Demo For 2URVIVE Released

Posted on by Ryan


2Bad Games have released the first playable demo for 2D action survival game 2URVIVE. If you are ready you can download the demo here. You can also view a description of the demo and some of the demo features down below..

In the first episode you will discover the basics of the game.
You will learn to get hands on your equipment and to use it.

In the following episode, you will discover Alan and John, two brothers who try
to survive in the middle of a downtown devasteted by a virus.

This demo allows you to discover the gameplay and the beginning of the history mode.
It doesn’t contain the arena mode and local pultiplayer that you will find
in the final version of the game.


  • 2 episodes of the story mode
  • 2 difficulty levels : Normal / Hard
  • Supported input devices: Keyboard+Mouse / Gamepad
  • Supported number of player: 1 Player
  • Supported languages: English / French
  • Supported keyboards: QWERTY / AZERTY