Pine Raises $20K In First 24 Hours On Kickstarter

Posted on by Ryan


If you haven’t heard of Twirlbound’s Pine than you might pay attention after reading this. The company launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game Pine and it has started off very successfully. Within the first 24 hours Pine raised over $20,000.

Pine is a 3D action adventure game that adapts to you. When asked how it works, Twirlbound says”Using advanced AI, the game recognizes your patterns and style of play, and its creatures and world react, evolve and adapt to you specifically.”


At the time of publishing, Pine has raised $27,769 by 849 backers. The goal is to raise $106,732 with 30 days to go. Pine will release on PC in Q4 2018 with release on Playstation 4, Switch, and Xbox One at a later date.